Sunday, March 18, 2007

You got what you wanted (If you voted Democrat)!

I am not a big fan of Democrats because I do not agree with what they stand for. Here in MN, the Democrats that just got elected decided that they needed more of our money to prop up either the schools or some other pet project. They are submitting an unbelievable amount of bills for tax increases. We are already being taxed enough in this state, but the Democrats think they need money. I am not for any tax increase, Federal, State or otherwise because they have proven that they cannot live within their means (i.e Do not spend more than you take in) Why should we allow them to increase taxes when they cannot spend the money that we do pay responsibly?

All of this talk about the current Attorney General and the need for him to resign is utter hypocrisy. I guess the Democrats have a really short memory when it comes to firing US Attorneys. Alberto Gonzalez is under fire for only wanting to fire 8 attorneys. Remember that Bill Clinton fired all 93 US Attorneys when he was in office and don't tell me that it wasn't politically motivated especially when one of those attorneys was investigated him at the time.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable!! What can we do when there is a definite double-standard?



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