Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ryder Cup - Why do we keep losing?

The Ryder Cup just concluded and again, we lost... We have lost the last three times. It makes me ask the question, "With us having the top players in the world on our team, why did we still lose?"

1. I think we lost because the Americans were not adequately prepared

2. I think we lost because the American players are not team conscious, but rather individualistic in their mindset.

3. I think we lost because the American players do not know how to play match play effectively.

4. The Europeans had players that were much younger and seemed to be mentally and physically ready for the challenge, not to mention the "home-field advantage"!

Back to the drawing board until the next Ryder Cup is on our turf, maybe we can win one then?

Any thoughts or opinions as to why we lost that I did not mention



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