Thursday, July 27, 2006

Preaching this week

I am scheduled to preach in the evening service at our church this Sunday. I am preaching from James 1:21-25 on the importance of doing the Word of God versus merely hearing it. If anyone has any good thoughts on this passage, feel free to pass them along. I am still working on finishing this by Friday afternoon.

I enjoy preaching, but right now it has been extremely difficult to find study time. I am having to burn the midnight oil because of other commitments (work, family, etc.) I was working this morning before I went to my place of employment and wished that I was done with seminary and did not have to punch the clock so to speak, that I had the opportunity to lock myself away with the text and finish writing this sermon, then reality kicked in and I was reminded to be on time to work (which I was) or else I would be unemployed and have my wish of being home (but for the wrong reasons!)

Maybe one of these days I will finish seminary, it does not seem like it because I cannot take many classes due to having to work full-time...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why do companies lie?

This is a big question, but one that deserves to be answered.

I have in my files, letters sent to me by potential employers which I have entitled the "thanks but no thanks" letters.

I have noticed that all of these companies have one thing in common. They lie.

1)"While I was impressed with your experience and qualifications" - this is the first lie, because if they were impressed, they would hire you. So how impressed do they have to be to hire someone?

2) "We do, however, keep resumes on file for one year, and we will contact you should a position that matches your skills and experience becomes available" - this is another lie, because I was stupid enough to apply to the same company three different times within a four year period. I was granted a face to face interview last week and then received one of these letters. They never contacted me.

I think that the charade should stop and companies should stop making statements like these, because we are all smart enough people to see through the deception. I know that I am a small fish in a large pond, but I felt that this was important enough to say something about it.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences?
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