Tuesday, August 22, 2006

News changes your life

Or another title could be "What a difference a day makes"

Today, I received some sobering news. My mother, who is normally very healthy, was admitted to the hospital and they are doing major surgery tomorrow. It is hard being this far away from my family when this is going on, but I was able to get a flight out on Thursday and will be there for a few days to be able to be a blessing and an encouragement to my mom and sister.

Please pray for the doctors, nurses, and others who will be involved in my mom's care and for me as I travel

More updates as I am able.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer is almost over

Where did the summer go?

It is hard for me to believe that in about 18 days I will be returning to seminary classes! It seems like the summer flew by.

I am looking forward to being in class again. I have a moderately difficult load this semester about 9 hours with first year Hebrew, a counseling class, a class on dispensations, and our pastoral internship class.

I have been in seminary for four years now and it has been an interesting journey. Now I am watching everyone else graduate. I am hoping to be done in two years, but I am really not sure. Part of me wants to be done now so I can go into full-time vocational ministry and dump the full-time job that I have (that I really do not like, but it pays the bills) Reality sets in and I realize that I need to be patient regarding the completion of my education.

I remember these feeling of being anxious back in Bible college, but I also remember that when I graduated, I had nowhere to go and it was a long eight years before I was able to enter full-time ministry.

Too bad that I was not able to be involved in full-time ministry while working on my degree at the same time! I do not know why, but God does and I have to remember that He is sovereign!
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