Friday, May 25, 2007

Thoughts on Titus

In our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) class we are concluding a series on marriage and then in June we will be starting a series on Titus. Titus is a short book, only 3 chapters in length, but a rich book full of theological truths and practical implications regarding church order. It is the third of the Pastoral Epistles and the shortest book within the Pastorals. I noticed recently that there are a lot of commentaries written on I and II Timothy, but very few written on Titus alone. Most of the commentaries combine all three books, but devote more space to the books of I and II Timothy.

Anyone have any thoughts regarding the book of Titus, as I start my preparation for the lessons in this book?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confession is good for the soul

I have been struggling with debt in recent years. It is all mine from before our marriage. I am not acquiring any new debt, but just trying to get what I have paid off. I have been reading a few personal finance blogs, listening to the Dave Ramsey Show, and in process of trying to find the best method for dealing and getting out of debt, I came across the No Credit Needed Network
I really do not talk about it much, but felt like I needed some accountability.

NCN as he is known on his blog has an incredible story about getting out of debt and how he has stayed out of debt. You can read about his story on his blog No Credit Needed Blog.

I have submitted a chart for creation on his website to help motivate me with regard to getting out of debt.

I am hoping to be out of debt soon and maybe I will call the Dave Ramsey Show and get to scream that "I AM DEBT FREE"

Here is a question to ponder:

What would our economy/society/culture be like if we were out of debt? How would things be ?

I have asked this question to different people and have received some surprising and different answers.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

I apologize for not posting more often.... yes I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not a train coming at me!

Seminary will be over for the semester this week. I am almost done with my 1st of 2 degrees. In the fall, I will be taking three classes (two are to complete the current degree that I am almost finished with - Master of Arts in Theology with a Biblical Studies emphasis - MATBS -- one course is for the Master of Divinity-MDiv -- that I will finish once I get the MATBS) Sound confusing?

Basically, I started working on the MDiv in 2002. You technically have 5 years to finish the MDiv. I was at my fifth year with at least another two to go. After prayer and consultation, I decided to drop back into the lesser degree of the MATBS, get that degree, then apply those credits and the work I have already done to finish the MDiv (96 hrs). Lord willing, I will graduate with the MATBS in May of 2008 and the MDiv in May 2010 or sooner, depending on how I progress.

I have also entertained the idea of seeing what will be available for ministry positions once I get the first degree. It would be nice to get a ministry opportunity if possible (locally) while finishing the MDiv. We will see what happens there.

My work schedule will change once seminary is done for the semester which will allow me to be off on Friday afternoons, which I enjoy, my wife enjoys, and my son Joseph will hopefully enjoy having dad around a little more than usual.

Hopefully, I will be a bit more disciplined to post here more often.

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