Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back up and running...somewhat

Well, I am back up and running. I have reinstalled most of my software and got Quicken data back on line as well, but now I have a new laptop... I have a Toshiba now, which incidentally enough, when I bought my first laptop in 1998, it was a Toshiba. It was a great machine and really worked well for me until 2002, when the technology made it a dinosaur and extremely slow to use. I received a DELL that year from my mom as a Christmas present and it was a definite improvement over what I was using. Thanks Mom, it worked for 2 years and was a great machine overall.

I am now back in the Toshiba camp and have learned several lessons from this recent experience

1) Make sure you backup your data frequently. I did and was able to save quite of bit of information that I needed.

2) Do not buy anything from DELL (Enough said, the people in tech support were pretty clueless and were not very conversant in the English language)

3) Always buy an extended warranty when purchasing a laptop

4) Bad things like computers dying never happen at good times!

Posts will still be a bit limited due to my class load, but I will do my best to be as current as possible!

Friday, September 16, 2005

My laptop is dead

Well, I just found out that my laptop is now almost dead, on life support you could say. There is a problem with the power supply and I am not sure if it is even repairable or cost-effective to do so. I am typing this from the seminary library right now, so my posts will be limited until I find out my options.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding the purchase of a new laptop, please let me know. However, I do not think I will be buying a DELL again because of the problems and the severe lack of customer service and technical support. I do not feel like talking to people who are halfway around the world and they do not speak good English. DELL needs to wake up and realize that they will lose market share because of issues related to quality and customer service.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Computer woes

Well, I have been having some computer issues. All of the sudden my DELL laptop has started going into standby mode and then I have to reboot, with no warning, no rhyme or reason.

This is happening at the worst possible time with seminary just getting underway. I do not have the extra funds to go out and purchase a new laptop. Not sure how much repairing it will cost either, I hear that is not cheap!

It is at times like this I realize how dependent I am on technology to get things accomplished. However, I am still old fashioned, I write checks for my bills and mail them at the Post Office!

Seriously, anyone has any thoughts on the subject, please let me know. For starters, I always keep my antivirus software updated and I do have a firewall protecting my system.

I am stumped!
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