Wednesday, June 27, 2007

20 Questions

These are not original with me. I heard them on a podcast from Harvest Baptist Church on Guam (Pastor Marty Herron). They are very good. His context in using them was two-fold: 1) He said that by the time your children are grown and leave home, they should either be able to answer these questions or have the resources available to find the answers. 2) This was part of a series that their church was doing on Christian growth. I have the answers, but will post them at a later date. See if you can answer these. These are a great teaching tool for your children and for your family!

1. What is man's reason for existence?

2. How can man bring pleasure to God?

3. What are the three elements of obedience?

4. What is the way of salvation?

5. What is the way of surrender?

6. What is your most important daily habit?

7. What are the four essentials of prayer?

8. How can one acquire wisdom?

9. What are the five guiding lights for knowing God's Will?

10. What are the four essentials of the home?

11. What do I do if I am wrong?

12. What do I do if someone else has wronged me?

13. What are the steps to moral freedom?

14. What are the five "D's" for daily spiritual preparation?

15. What are the seven essentials about handling money?

16. What are the five tools for time management?

17. What are the Ten Commandments?

18. Can you give a brief outline/overview of Bible Content?

19. What is next on God's Timetable?

20. What are the five "D's" regarding discipleship?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

As promised.... Restaurant Review - Fogo De Chao

Recently I had the opportunity to have lunch with Neil Lynch at Fogo De Chao. They recently opened up here in Minneapolis and it was a good opportunity to try it on a Friday afternoon. As we walked to the front entrance, we saw the meat roasting on skewers right by the front entrance. I was already looking forward to this lunch!

A bit of background. Years ago, when I traveled frequently, I found an ad for Fogo De Chao in an airline magazine and read more about it on the internet and thought that it would be an interesting place to try. I told Neil about it since he travels quite a bit and he said that he would try it when he was in Chicago. He did and he said that it was great.

Now fast forward a few years and the Minneapolis location is open. Neil invited me to lunch on Friday and here was the opportunity to try the restaurant I had recommended before I tried it.

The service here is outstanding. The gauchos are very hospitable and accommodating. One of the staff took our drink order and then explained the concept of the green and red chip. If the chip is facing green, the gauchos will bring on the meat and other offerings skewers. If the chip is red, then they will pass you by until the chip is turned to green again.

There are over 15 different types of meat. There are also chicken legs, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, pork sausages, pork loin, and pork ribs.

The chicken breast wrapped in bacon was outstanding. I could not get enough of this dish. Also the pork loin that day was flavored with parmesan. Another wonderful dish. They also have an extensive salad bar. They also serve side dishes: mashed potatoes with cheese and chives, fried polenta (which was surprisingly good), and fried bananas (sweet, but worth a couple of bites)

I enjoyed the meal except for some of the beef. I am not much of a meat eater anymore, but enjoy it from time to time. Most of the beef that we were served was a bit on the bloody side. There were a few pieces that were done. I avoided eating the beef if it was not done to avoid any type of problems. I stuck with eating the chicken and pork. The pork ribs were good also, but I am not used to eating ribs without some type of sauce.

I sent an email to their corporate office via their website that I enjoyed my meal and I was curious about the beef situation. I received a voice mail that someone from the corporate office was going to contact me regarding my email. I hope to talk to them soon, because I would really like to go back and enjoy the beef dishes. Our 3rd anniversary is coming up and this would be a neat place to celebrate it.

Overall, I would highly recommend it, if the beef is doubtful, stick with the chicken and pork. You can't go wrong there!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some new posts in the works

I have not forgotten about the blog.... I have several posts in the works. Time permitting, I will put up one a day for the next several days.

Topics and titles : Talk Radio, Work, and a Restaurant Review...

I had an unsolicited offer from someone whom I do not know to write a guest piece, but since they have not responded, that will go by the wayside for now.

Maybe one of these days, the traffic and readership will pick up. I think that also depends on me being disciplined enough to post more often. Sometimes I do not have anything to say, so I do not post...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Correct English Grammar

I have always enjoyed things English or British. Possibly because some of my relatives were from across the pond as they say. I was in England and Wales back in 1998 and had a great trip and enjoyed preaching there as well as seeing the sights.

My job is such where I am able while working to listen to a great deal of audio and I was coming up short many days where I did not have enough podcasts to listen to, so things got pretty quiet in my cubicle while I was working. In searching for other podcasts to download, I found the LBC 1152 website and the BBC website and each of them had some great podcasts.

During my listening, I have noticed a few things that I have always been curious about, maybe a reader from across the pond might be able to help me in my quest for the answers to these questions.

Whenever the British speak about a telephone number they always use the word "on" For example "call us on 001234" instead of what we say "call us at 001234" Why do they use on instead of at?

Wherever the British refer to someone being hospitalized they always say "in hospital". We always say "in the hospital" or "in a hospital" Again why do they do this?

I am not in any way attacking our British friends, just trying to gain an understanding as to why they say things a certain way.

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