Saturday, October 08, 2005

Well I made the paper again!

I have no problem in expressing my opinion. I do not have an opinion on everything, but if something strikes me just right, then I will do the American thing and comment on it. Those of you who live in Minnesota are probably aware of the Governor's attempt to call a special legislative session for the purpose of making a decision regarding funding for a new stadium for the University of Minnesota. I was aggravated about this because:

  1. Recently, the Legislature wasted taxpayer dollars and then could not agree on a budget and then they shut down the State Government here. This was a disgrace and an embarassment to the hard working, taxpaying citizens of this State.
  2. Minnesota has some crazy law on the books regarding the regulation of gas prices and there are many people who would like to see that law repealed and another law put in place (like Wisconsin's law which prohibits how often prices can be raised within an 8 hour period)
  3. If the U of M wants a stadium, let them raise the money themselves and not raise the taxes of the citizens of this state to fund an athletic stadium. The same goes for the Vikings and the Twins, if they want new stadiums, let the owners build them with their money and not public money.
  4. At the time of the writing of this post, gas prices here in the Twin Cities are $2.67 a gallon. I realize that there are places where people are paying more for gas (California, etc.), but I think that the fiscal priorities of the Governor are severly misplaced.
You can click on the link and read my post, the date it was published was 10/8/2005, so if you click on the link after that date, the link address may have changed.


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